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My name is Maurice, I am Fannye’s son and I just want to give thanks and gratitude for Marie and Jim for helping me do the Reverse Mortgage refinance for my mother. I am very blessed to have my mom and at this time of her life I felt that she needed a second opportunity to live life and relax and not worry and with equity in her home and with Jim and Marie’s help, we were able to take the equity out of her house, able to pay off her bills and give her a second opportunity in life and this is what every person wants, a brand new chance to live and survive in America. I am truly grateful for the things Jim and Marie have done to accomplish this. It was excellent working with them, they are honest people, they are nice people and the give one hundred percent to make sure that their client is happy.  I recommend them to anyone, whether you need a loan, whether you need a refinance or whether you need advice on how to manage your life and do better with your finances, please; I insist that you talk to Jim and Marie first.

Thank You Very Much.




I got reverse mortgage because I was tired of a lot of little bills that I was being hounded for and I had checked into everything trying to get a way of doing so I could square that up…so I wouldn’t receiving so many calls and things about these bills and ten my son talked to Jim and told him about my situation. I considered Reverse Mortgage and Jim was so good and so positive telling me, I mean he did not push me for anything, he just explained it to me what my benefits would be and how I could rest with this added pressure, and then after talking to Jim and reading the materials that I had been given and talking to Marie I saw that it would be to my benefit, so this way I will be able to save a little something and live instead of just paying bills and looking forward to dying.

So this way I can live for the rest of my life.




We always had jobs and money, moving from state to state when necessary, sell our home, buy a new home and not be afraid of mortgage payments… so we thought that was always a possibility for us.  All of a sudden because of our surgeries, my husband and I had to stop working…so we moved to Los Angeles to be close to our daughter and grandchildren. We rented a place, not knowing what the future holds for us…with no jobs and no income, even in million years did not think that I would ever own a home again and the little money we had in our savings will go to rent and in a few years we will be penniless.  I was devastated, I was crying every day, I was very sad. .  I was begging my daughter to buy a bigger home so she could have a little guest room so we can live in it, At the age of 70 and 69 where we always had the best homes, everything possible to us and never being bothered by mortgage payments, we were the saddest couple among family and friends. Then we met Jim. With his help, it was just like the rain stopped and there was rainbow… it was beautiful, it was like a different turn in my life, I was happy again and I found out there was the possibility of having a home again.  We had no idea there was such a thing called Reverse Mortgage. We would not be able to have a home if it was not for Reverse Mortgage and Jim’s help.

 Now we have a home and we are very happy and I can smile again.  Thank you, Jim.




We were very lucky to get introduced to Jim by our realtor and learn about Reverse Mortgage when we were not working and conventionally could not qualify for a loan to purchase real estate. As a matter of fact our present home which we love is our second home we purchased using Reverse Mortgage with Jim’s help. The first home we bought using Reverse Mortgage we sold for about $100,000 more than we purchase price. Of course we had spent about $40,000 fixing it up when we realized that the house was not right for us, so we sold it.  We made a bit of money in a short period and bought our present home in December of 2013 for $635,000. Presently the value of our home has gone up about 10%, making us feel we are born again & can have dreams, visions & hopes  as a Senior Citizen. I & my wife are truly happy that we had an opportunity to learn about Reverse Mortgage. We have no mortgage payment; property is always under our name, most expenses of maintaining our home is paid to us through Reverse Mortgage annually. Even with compound interest on our loan, and maintenance expenses, the long term appreciation of our property leaves us with equity for us and or family. We will continue to remain a winner and not worry about monthly payments.

After all we can loudly  say……We truly appreciate Jim’s contribution to us by assisting us with getting two money making Reverse Mortgages and causing us to have a permanent peace of mind.